Who We Are


Sales-Scout Ventures LLC was created with the sole purpose of streamlining and simplifying the sales process for our client.

Our years of experience selling high end home improvements makes us the right company to offer sales training, mentoring and executive coaching to almost any individual or company who wants learn how to make money using our proven sales techniques.

Our unique sales training will open the doors to new business ideas for individuals and independent contractors including electrical contractors, mechanical contractors, plumbers, fuel dealers, builders, appliance dealers, financial service providers, auto mechanics, health care providers and many more.

Because we have decades of actual real world sales experience and sales volume in the millions you can expect our professional sales guidance to tried and true. Our sales training will make you into a seasoned pro in short order and when you decide it is time to let someone else handle the daily sales effort, we can help you with that too.

With our unique programs and experience we can teach you to fish or help reel in the fish for you. The choice is yours.

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