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If you sell any type HVAC related product or service to the home owner- this program is designed for you.

We solicit new and existing homeowners in any location of your choice and demographics that are of interest to you. We interview the homeowner to find out exactly what their needs may be and refer them to contractors and service providers within our network.

While we do not actively manage the project, our years of in-home sales and construction experience ensure the homeowner gets paired up with the right contractor who we believe can best complete that particular job. There are no upfront fees or per lead costs to the contractor. You simply pay us a pre-negotioated percent or fee only for the business you actually close. This is win/win situation for both the home owner and contractor and a best case scenario as there are no surprises or monthly fees for the homeowner or contractor.

While we do not represent your company exclusively, homeowners see us as trusted resource in helping them to find the right people to complete their home project. They know we have screened anyone we recommend from each local area and have provided them with the very best motivated and competent service providers and craftsmen available.

As a contractor you can expect higher quality and larger leads than other referral services who charge you for each lead whether you get the job or not.

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What is a consultants role?

A company may require a consultant to complete tasks that the internal staff cannot perform due to a lack of expertise, existing commitments, government regulation, or a need for an unbiased opinion. In such instances, consultants may work alone, team with other consultants, or partner with company employees to accomplish a wide variety of functional and technical objectives. While, accomplishing these objectives, the consultant might serve as an implementer, an adviser, a trainer or a publisher.

​Maybe your business is new and needs a professional and effective sales system to be created.​ Maybe your business is not so new and can use a sales tune-up to energize your existing sales system or sales force.

We have been innovators in the in-home sales process for nearly thirty years. Drawing from this deep mine of experience we can improve the sales process from a single person entrepreneurship to a large corporate sales force. Our unique sales experiences working in homes allows us to observe your existing sales process with a keen eye, compile a comprehensive report and implement seamless changes that can greatly enhance your bottom line and free up valuable time to allow you to accomplish more than you previously thought possible. We are available for one consultation, weekly or monthly meetings or other arrangements. Our work is completely customized to your business, schedule and budget and our first evaluation is at no charge so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Every good athlete has a coach who has inspired to them get where they wanted to be. In business and in life, the key to success is often the small details that most other people fail to see.  Good sales people need  expert coaching to  become the best that they can be and new sales people need to learn and grow their incomes as quickly as possible. We offer both the new sales person  and seasoned sales professional the best opportunity to work one on one with a sales coach mentor who can help the new sales person gain valuable knowledge and insight while giving the seasoned  professional the ability to sharpen their skills and develop an automatic plan for success.  We promise our coaching will be a rewarding experience and invite you to contact us for a free evaluation and initial consultation. Then, if you would like to retain our services we can speak once a week or customize a plan of success. Our fees are cheap but our advice is priceless.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.